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Livestock remains to be an integral part of ones life since time immemorial. People consider animals as mobile assets as well as a companion. Animal husbandry contributes significantly in supplementing the income of small, marginal farmers and landless labourers and in generating gainful employment opportunities especially self-employment to a substantial number of rural and urban population many of whom are women who play a major role in the care and management of livestock. The department plays a major role in providing veterinary health care and improving the genetic production potentialities of livestock and poultry reared in the State. It serves as a vital source for providing nutritious protein rich balanced food in the form of milk, egg, meat and value added products contributing its own to the food security. Moreover, they are also intricately associated with the social, cultural and traditional values of the region. Various beneficiary oriented schemes are also being implemented for the economic upliftment and welfare of the poor, downtrodden and weaker sections of the society. Various veterinary institutions spread throughout the State provide the services. With the dedicated and sustained efforts of the department in implementation of various beneficiary oriented programmes and judicious utilization of animals and the natural resources in an eco-balanced way, the livestock sector of the State has been elevated to a prominent position

The Department of Animal Husbandry in Kerala came into existence in 1956 with the formation of the state. Since then it is playing a vital role in the economic development and animal wealth sector of the state. Animal health care and production enhancement are the main objectives of the department. But the reach of its activities are so wide that it directly upgrades the living standard of people especially in the rural areas and economic development of the state. Food security of the state owes a lot to Animal Husbandry Department even though Kerala is not yet self-sufficient in this respect.  The major activities of the department are Veterinary services and Animal Health Care, Disease Eradication Programmes, Cattle, Goat, Pig, and Poultry Development programmes, Control of Zoonotic diseases, Extension, Training programmes for Farmers and Veterinarians and Production of Biologicals.





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