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The University has taken up initiatives like sustainable livestock production through optimizing inputs through advocating precision farming practices, production of safe to eat products through implementing Start up village in agriculture, improving productivity (farmer scientist interaction for productivity enhancement) documenting livestock based practices in the media and through web portals(www.kvasuleap.in), educational initiatives in the area of socio-educational projects (Sumedha) aiming at inclusive growth like wayanad 2030  and adopting tribal village for tribal development. The directorate is also committed to improve the veterinary facility and 24x7 advisory services(evet connect) in support of the farming community.The projects would be helpful in identifying and documenting livestock based commodity interest groups with technological and market support to augment productivity of livestock products in the state, The projects will also be helpful in facilitate better veterinary public health and safe to eat livestock products in the state.

Directorate of Entrepreneurship, KVASU

Focus areas

  • E-Vetconnect for 24X7 Veterinary Services Call centres - Scientific livestock production can only be achieved through scientific breeding, feeding, management, disease control and marketing. Taking in to consideration the need of Veterinary Care, Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University developed a unique model for Veterinary connectivity across the State namely KVASU e Vet Connect using ICT applications which can be extended to the country in future. KVASU e Vet connect include Vet Connect software for KVASU hospitals, e Vet connect centres, Mobile Veterinary services with mobile tracking system, advisory call centres and CRM, e Vet connect knowledge portal, Vetipedia, disease information System,etc KVASU e Vet Connect will provide 24X7 Service for the livestock owners, pet owners and other stake holders.
    • Promotion of Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurship development programmes can implemented with entrepreneur-scientist-industry-banker interface. It can be scaled up across the country.
    • Young Entrepreneurship Summit in Dairying and Poultry production
    • Entrepreneurship development programmes in Dairy sector, Dairy Business Schools, Entrepreneurship centres, EDP at different levels for the stake holders, Producer companies based on commodities
    • Skill development programmes - Appropriate skill development programmes in livestock and poultry production will facilitate entrepreneurship ventures in a big way. Farmers, Women SHG members, Paravets, Veterinarians and technicians require appropriate skill development programmes.
    • Milkobike, Value addition, Feed and Dairy plant technicians, Agriculture sector skill council programmes
    • Training programmes - Trainers training programmes, Farmer training programmes on cow comfort and Animal welfare at different levels
    • ICT deliverables for knowledge transfer - Mobile APP, Farmers, Entrepreneurship and One Health portal.
    • Technology for value addition, Temperature humidity index monitoring system, Ration balancing and Ksheeraprabha
    • Mastitis control programme - Thrust to detection of subclinical mastitis, Antibiotic bacteria resistant mapping, one health, Parasite control.
    • Social media applications - Developing livestock based social media campaigns will ensure livestock based messages to reach the target audience and even more importantly, appeal to them.
    • Precision livestock farming with focus on nutrition- Precision livestock farming in dairy and poultry sector will improve production and productivity
    • Documentation of successful models - Documentation of successful models in livestock sector will attracts lot of unemployed youths to venture in to agriculture. 
    • Women empowerment through Self help groups - producer companies can be developed for the SHG based commodity interest groups.
    • Conceptual model for Knowledge dissemination - University devised a concept model for Knowledge dissemination at the Grama Panchayat-Village level.
      • Start-ups in livestock sector - is will pave way for augmenting livestock production. University is implementing startup project in livestock production through integrating Vegetable, dairying, Poultry production and fisheries sector. The objective of the project is to deliver safe to eat agri and allied products at a premium price. University is pursuing further for developing a new delivery model for providing livestock products and services at the doorsteps.
      • Precision farming, Productivity enhancement & food safety - Precision livestock farming, area specific mineral mixture and promotion of livestock based commodity interest groups are some of the projects which help to augment production. Value addition of milk and meat are the areas which help to increase profitability through livestock ventures. Centre for One Health of the University is involved in promoting the emerging concept of one health and food safety. The Entrepreneurship portal of the University will act as an interface between entrepreneurs, producers and consumers so as to maintain the agri commodity value chain. Sustainable farming and market led production coupled with quality will help to integrate small farmers to livestock commodity value chain.
      • Publications & Informatics - University published 20 books and 20 Broadcastable programmes on Livestock production for farmers and Entrepreneurs. University has a separate farm portal www.kasavu.in and an official portal www.kvasu.ac.in. Recently University linked with the National Career Services portal www.ncs.gov.in to promote skill development programmes and pursuing further for becoming a partner for One Agriculture One Science.
      • MOOC and Smartphone based courses - In the changing Scenario Move on to Open Online courses (MOOC) in potential areas like Dairy and Poultry entrepreneurship, food safety, food security, one health and entrepreneurship. Smartphone based courses of the KVASU on organic farming will help to promote organic farming practices across the country in a big way. University launched Diploma programmes as skill development programmes in the areas of Dairying, Poultry production and Laboratory techniques.Diploma programmes in livestock production with hands on training will augment production through establishing appropriate livestock ventures.
  • Conceptual model for knowledge dissemination, SHG & Women empowerment
  • Recently more number of women self help groups are interested to undertake livestock production as one of their livelihood options.   There exists a knowledge gap among women SHGs in the areas of scientific livestock rearing practices in scientific breeding, selection of animals, housing, feeding, management, disease control, value addition and marketing of milk and milk products. Interventions, which will help to fill the above knowledge gap is the need of the hour. As far as Women SHGs are concerned they are interested to adopt sustainable and affordable technologies that are available within their limits.     
    • Farm publications, Television, Radio, Web media and newspapers play a key role in the transfer of appropriate technologies to livestock farmers. If properly utilized, they can also influence farmers in the adoption stage and will reduce the technological gap. Research findings revealed that high to moderate level of knowledge were required in livestock farming for adopting scientific breeding, management and marketing measures. Mass media like Television, Radio, Social media, etc may be effectively used for the dissemination of newer technologies.





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