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Entrepreneurship is evolving with rapid technology changes making possible new businesses that were not feasible earlier. There are multiple programmes to foster entrepreneurship today. The Entrepreneurship in livestock sector does not limit itself to farm and its produce but to multitude of value added products and byproducts which forms the major chunk of food industry in tune with the rising demand for protein rich food and changing food habits.

Entrepreneurship is the result of an idea developed based on finding opportunities, mobilising and acquiring resources towards building product through appropriate process and finding a useful and innovative market.Comprehensive Extension and Entrepreneurship development programmes are required to tackle the critical production and skill gap in livestock sector in the State. Veterinary Extension and advisory services are transitioning from a focus on technology transfer to a focus on facilitating a range of interventions in complex contexts. It is a connecting link in complex agricultural innovation systems. Entrepreneurship, innovation, skill development and capacity building are emerging as potential areas of focus in Veterinary extension. At a time when the growth in services sector supersedes primary and secondary sectors veterinary services sector require more attention. Obviously promotion of appropriate extension can facilitate 40 percent increase in production. Knowledge can be considered as production. Percolating appropriate knowledge among the potential stake holders is the need of the hour. The entire alternate extension paradigm like print and electronic media, information and communication technologies, social media and mobile connectivity can be very effectively used for this purpose. It has been projected that by 2020 number of internet users will reach 70 Crores in India. Of which 75 percent may be from rural areas. So appropriate knowledge transfer through mobile, social, cloud and analytics platforms will facilitate production.

The capacity building programmes of the Directorate of Entrepreneurship also envisage the development of novel and effective pathways to provide research based assistance and experience to farmers in improved production, and income through value addition Entrepreneurship generates self employment and additional employment by making challenges into opportunity and opportunity to innovate and bring appropriate technology and start up the business. It is important that the entrepreneur should understand the customer, balancing profitability and bringing innovation and diversification in product ensuring food safety, sustainability, environment friendly standards.




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