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Dairy sector are the producers of highly nutritious food products, but also for the sustenance of poor farmers and over all prosperity of the farming community. kerala ranks eighth in milk production and is well on the way towards top ranking state . Milk production in the State during 2011-12 was around 27.16 lakh metric tonnes

Dairy development department was established in 1962 with the aim of extending profitable dairy farming in Kerala to increase the milk production and per capita consumption of milk. The main activities are to educate the farmers providing inputs and technical advice for producing good quality milk and cultivate scientific management practices to reduce the cost of production and increase the profit, organization and registration of dairy co-operative societies, supervision, inspection, election, arbitration etc. related to dairy co-operative societies, implementing plan schemes related to dairy sector, ensuring the quality of milk and milk products, enhancing production and consumption of milk products and overall development of agriculture sector.

With dairy departments intervention milk production in Kerala increased from 1.85 lit in 1962 to 26 lit in 2009. The per capita availability was increased from 30 gms in 1962 to 213 gms. Milk was surplus in Kerala during the 1998-1999 years and milk is the only food item of which 70% of the total requirement is produced in the state itself.





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